Miraculous Pickle Juice Benefits! 13 Reasons To Love It

Pickle juice has many surprising health benefits. So, after the pickles are gone, resist the urge to dump it down the drain. Here are 13 reasons to take a sip or save it for culinary and flower bed enhancement!

1. Natural Sports Drink

Swig right from the jar, or freeze pickle juice into popsicle molds. After a game or playing outdoors, it’s a great way to quickly replace electrolytes.

2. Potato Salad Bonus

A splash of pickle juice in potato salad adds just the right amount of flavorful seasonings and moisture.

3. Beverage Booster

Add some to a glass of tomato juice or a Bloody Mary cocktail. Or, freeze it in ice cube molds for these beverages.

4. Pickled Eggs

Use it to pickle and flavor hard-boiled eggs.

5. Hangover Cure

Dehydration is the major cause of hangovers. Drink pickle juice to hydrate and tp restore electrolytes.

6. Relieve Leg Cramps

Pickle juice may help prevent leg cramping.

Ease post-workout muscle cramps and restless leg syndrome. Take a swig of pickle juice to relieve the pain of Charley horses.

7. Steam Vegetables

Use pickle juice to steam or boil vegetables to add the perfect touch of dill and salt seasonings.

8. Flower Power!

Hydrangeas turn color according to the pH of soil.

Use pickle juice in your flower beds to perk up your acid-loving flowers! Flowers such as hydrangea and rhododendron need acidic soil to thrive. And the best part, no toxic chemicals!

9. Boost Culinary Flavor

Add a splash when cooking corned beef and cabbage to add flavor.

10. Marinade & Salad Dressing Perk

Use pickle juice instead of vinegar when making salad dressing or a marinade. It helps tenderize meat and is packed with flavor.

11. Cure for Hiccups

Take a swig, hiccups gone! More hiccup remedies here.

12. Heartburn Remedy

Sipping pickle is a tasty remedy to relieve heartburn.

13. Use It Again!

After the pickles are gone, toss in some green beans or more cukes and pickle them!

Got a use for the juice? Let us know in the comments below!

Join The Discussion!

Have you ever used pickles for any of these remedies?

Were you shocked by the many pickle juice benefits?

What is your favorite thing about pickles?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Deborah Tukua

Deborah Tukua is a natural living, healthy lifestyle writer and author of 7 non-fiction books, including Pearls of Garden Wisdom: Time-Saving Tips and Techniques from a Country Home, Pearls of Country Wisdom: Hints from a Small Town on Keeping Garden and Home, and Naturally Sweet Blender Treats. Tukua has been a writer for the Farmers' Almanac since 2004.

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Can I pour pickle juice on my cucumber and tomato plants outside in my garden

Mike Gallagher

Does it matter what kind of pickle juice? I generally eat Claussen, which is not fermented.

Darlyn Smith

Pickle juice also helps with headaches
One study showed that drinking pickle juice helped lower blood sugar levels in people with type II diabetes. Pickle juice can also help to regulate blood pressure levels. One study found that drinking pickle juice helped lower blood pressure in people with hypertension.

Thersia Ray

I’ve used pickle juice for years for all the things mentioned except migraines, I’ve never had those. One thing I use it for is roast. I pour pickle juice all over a roast and make sure it’s under it also. I let it set for 2 hrs. Then drain the juice off and put in roaster with all the veggies. Comes out tastier and more tender. I also put the juice in my chicken salad. Older remedies are still the best solutions to a lot of problems.


That is one tasty tip! Thank you for sharing!

Jaime W.

I have used pickle juice for hiccups for almost 40 years. It really is amazing. It instantly gets rid of hiccups. I saw in another comment that it helps with migraines as well. I will be trying that.


I’m not a fan of pickle juice, but I may try it for migraines too! I hope you share your results with us.

Ruthie Schmidt

I had no idea this would cure hiccups, migraines or could be used for indigestion and in flower beds. I’ve used it for leg cramps for years and it really works. I always take a few good swigs after a long day in the hot sun.

Audrey S

I use this when I am constipated, I have used this for years to keep me regular


I add a little sweet pickle juice to tuna salad. Adds some moisture and a nice sweet flavor.

Linda L. Platko

What about the juice of Green Olives ??

Ruthie Schmidt

When I don’t have pickle juice, I use olive juice to ward off leg cramps. Works for me.


A couple table spoons of pickle juice will rid your migraine head ache.


I will try the pickles juice…..Thank you so much…

Boeck Charlotte

Pickle juice will kill weeds and grass

Wetzel Wood

Add pickle juice to your homemade barbecue sauce, makes for a great tangy addition

Sandi Duncan

OOh thanks for this tip Wetzel. We will give it a try.

Rick Berry

Am sure pickle juice works because it has mustard seeds along with the cucumbers. I have been taking table spoon of mustard when I get cramps for years and it will works faster than pickle juice try it you will see how fast it works compared to the juice

Bev yankey

Drain a can of beets, add to pickle juice and chill overnight for easy pickled beets.

Patricia Staton

Love all the reasons for the pickle juice

Joe Roberts

Is it only dill pickles made with vinegar, or does naturally fermented pickle juice work as well?

Mavis Hightower

Great ideas

Heather W.

I use pickle juice to marinate my chicken tenders in then I bread the and fry them. My kids love it!

Susan Higgins

Sounds great! It certainly is the perfect brine!


Chick-fil-A marinated the chicken in pickle juice.

Sandi Duncan

Oh my gosh, we were just talking about this! Secret ingredient – who knew! Thanks for commenting.


If u have Diebeties & ur sugar # is high drink 3 tablespoons of pickle juice & it will lower ur # in a few minutes.

edna markle

I sip a little at time if I am a little nauseated.

Lorie Naylor

I keep Altoids in my car. They help with nausea when you are on the go. They are also good for a dry mouth.

Kevin Sayles

Onions in the pickle juice eliminates the need for (pickles and onions) on your burgers

Janet Yenshaw

I’m saving 2 cups of my dill pickle juice to make some dill pickle soup, it’s delicious.

Kathy S. Anderson

Would love to have the recipe for this! Put it on Pinterest. Or send it directly to me. Thanks.

C. B. Bostwick

I save mine and use it as fly bait in the traps i hang in trees. made from recycled water bottles

Lorie Naylor

Sweet pickle juice?

Susan Higgins

Hi Lorie, sweet pickle juice isn’t the best choice as a remedy, as it has lots of sugar.For most of these purposes it’s best to use dill pickle juice.

Fern Compton

If it is acidic and good for hydrangeas it would be good for blueberries too. Isn’t vinegar a weed killer though?

Karen Ritter

Vinegar IS a weed killer! I poured some pickle juice on a couple potted bell peppers they were dead in two days!

Nancy Lee Kelly

As a short order cook I always keep a cup of juice in the kitchen for burnt finger. Dip your fingers in and pain goes away.

Kathy S. Anderson

dipping burnt fingers in flour will also stop a burn from spreading.


It has helped me fight colds and the flue i haven’t had a flue shot in 10 years but take a shot of pickle juice every morning and night and haven’t had the cold or flue since then not only does it help prevent it but if you don’t want to commit to a shot or 2 a day it also will help fight it due to all the antioxidants and probiotics in the juice


One tablespoon cures a sore throat… swish around in your mouth and swallow.. apple cider vinegar does the same thing.


I’m gonna give this a try, I’ve been suffering with a cold and sore throat for a few days now


I had a restaurant and we would buy pickles in bulk…. five gallon buckets. When the pickles were gone, there was at least 2 gallons of pickle juice left. We would use it to clean the grills at night…. turn off the burners, throw on about 2-3 cups of pickle juice and scrape away all the grease and burned areas. Rinse with water, wipe dry and lightly oil so the grills won’t rust overnight. Worked like a charm! Grills always looked brand new after.

Larry Jackson

Mix pickle juice salad dressing and sugar or sweet and low. Shake in a jar till smooth add to macaroni salad keep the salad from getting pasty!

Linda Langgood

I drink dill pickle juice when I have nausea. The juice not only settles my stomach but gives me an all over healthier feeling. I have been doing this since my Grandma canned her own pickles in the 1950’s. Those were the best pickles.

Heather W.

Do you have your grandma’s pickle recipe that you would be willing to share?


Pickle juice helps with the flu. I’m still not entirely sure how, but if you have the flu, make sure to keep some pickle juice in your house. It helps quite a bit. It also relieves quite a bit of the pain!

MaryAnn Fleury

I always reuse pickle juice. I blanch carrots and green beans and stand them up in a new jar, add a bit more dill and mustard seed. The taste great and look pretty. They also make great hostess gifts!


I’ve always been told to use white vinegar for cleaning and cider vinegar for cooking/food. Why is there white vinegar in the dill pickle recipe instead of cider vinegar?

Barbara P

I use dill pickle juice foe my stomach some of my meds and antibiotics make me a little sick at times. I also know several women that has used it for morning sickness. They say it works best cold, just slowly sip not drink to settle the stomach.

Linda Langgood

I also drink dill pickle juice for my upset stomach. I prefer it room temperature. However you like it, it’s an awesome fix for so many ailments. Good thing I love the taste.


The acid in pickle juice and grapefruit depletes the active ingredients in meds


I save the juice and a few pickles to make pickle soup.

Kathy S. Anderson

Would love a recipe for pickle juice soup.


I heat up my pickle juice to boiling, pour over slightly steamed green beans or any vegetables I have stuffed into the pickle jar, heat up the lid and put it back on jar! It pops as it reseals! Good on anything, bloody Mary’s, or just put out in a tray watch them disappear! I only reuse jars once but they work!!


Pickle wings!

Kathy S. Anderson

Recipe please!!

DOUG Biggs

Fill that little jar of peppers and vinegar back up,
Olive juice works good too


Spray dill pickle juice on your popcorn & the salt (NuSalt) will stick to the popcorn better.


Are the pickles you are talking about naturally fermented (in salt brine) and would need to be sold in the frige section of a store or made with vinegar and sold on the store shelf????

Kathy S. Anderson

No, just plain old jars of pickles sold on the shelves.


Dill pickle pork chops cover pork chops in pickle juice cover with tin foil and xook at 350 for 40 minutes serve with rice and poor some of the juice on your rice very food


I use leftover pickle juice for marinade before frying boneless thigh or tenderized* breast of chicken. With equal parts milk. Marinate 6-24 hours.

Carolyn Gollesch

I ALWAYS add dill pickle juice to my homemade tartar sauce for delicious extra flavor!


I like to use dill pickle juice or the juice from green olives if I find myself a little constipated
It works like a charm. It’s not like over the counter pills or drinks that give u cramps or make it so your going all day. About 4oz does the trick for me.

Penny Peterson

I agree withbu! I eat 8 green olives n a tablespoon of olive juice every day to stay regular! Sure beats Metamucil n OTC meds.


For crab salad.. Cook macaroni (small shell is good) cool. Add sweet pickle juice to the macaroni, cover and let marinate in refrigerator over night. Finish your salad the next day and it tastes awesome!!

Susan Higgins

Terilee, that sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing!


Would love a recipe for homemade pickle juice.

Sandi Duncan

Hi Nan,
We don’t have a recipe for the juice, but for homemade pickles which then you will have juice. Here it is – Make Your Own Pickles – It’s Easy!

Sandi Duncan

This stuff is amazing! Thanks for sharing Sue!

Sandi Duncan
Sandi Duncan

OOH smart! Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Sandi Duncan

OOH good to know. Thanks for sharing!

Sandi Duncan

Great idea. Do you ever crave sour? I do and pickles solve that craving too!

Kathy S. Anderson

There are many recipes online for making just the juice.


When your little one loses a tooth and there’s a bit of blood, have them suck on a dill pickle. The salty brine stops the bleeding then they can eat the pickle! I kid you not!


I add it to sloppy joe sauce.


Looking for a simple homemade refrigerator dill pickle recipe where you do not have to steam jars or can them?

John Williams

After I eat all the pickles, I top the juice off with whiskey. Makes a great drink. I’m thinking about not waiting for all the pickles to be eaten now that I’m single.


We save pickle juice and use it as a chaser. Shot of Jamison, then chase with a shot of pickle juice. The mixture is known as Pickle Backs when ordered…It originated in Ohio.


Yessss! I pickle back everything lol!

Mary Lou

I get my pickle juice from the deli at our local grocery store. They get pickles by the bucket full and are happy to give me a quart when I need it.

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