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Set An Easy-To-Clean Kids’ Table

Colored pencil - Crayon

Use kraft paper or butcher paper to cover the kids’ table at Thanksgiving, and set out crayons and markers for them to draw and be creative. It keeps them busy and makes clean up a snap!

Cooking With Apple Cider

Apple cider - Cider

Fresh apple cider is a delicious beverage but it also complements your favorite dishes. Try using it to moisten stuffing for turkey or chicken, or to baste baked apples. It can also be boiled into a syrupy glaze for cakes.

Drying Fresh Herbs

Image - Photography

To dry fresh herbs for use later, simply hang them upside down to dry, then bottle them in glass jars. Works well for thyme, parsley and oregano.

Zucchini Picking Best Practices

Cucumber - Produce

For best tasting homegrown zucchini wait until it’s 6-8 inches long, dark green & firm. Pick by grabbing the zucchini at fattest part and gently twisting it off the vine.

Preserving Fresh Berries

Frozen Fruit - Food freezing

Place berries on a cookie sheet and put in your freezer. After they are frozen, transfer into an airtight container and place them back in the freezer where they will last 6–8 months. Rinse before using.

Don’t Toss Those Corncobs!

Corn on the cob - Vegetarian cuisine

Once you’ve eaten the sweet kernels off your corn on the cob, let the cobs dry out in the sun. Then store them in a dry area and use them as fire starters.

Keeping Cool In Summer

Vitamin - Vitamin C

Eat more of these: mushrooms, citrus fruit, lemon balm, and mint. These foods work to help your body regulate its temperature and keep you cooler.

Freezing Pancakes & Waffles

Amish Community Cookbook: Simply Delicious Recipes from Amish and Mennonite Homes - Pancake

When cooking pancakes or waffles, make a larger-than-usual batch and freeze the extras. Lay them out on a cookie sheet and freeze flat for several hours, then pack in air tight containers or bags in the freezer. Simply pop in the toaster or toaster oven when ready to use for a quick and convenient breakfast.

Cleaner Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits in a pot filled with water being cleaned.

To clean more of the dirt, chemical residues, and waxes from all varieties of fruits and vegetables, use baking soda. Shake some onto wet produce, scrub, then rinse. Works better than water alone.

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