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Zucchini Picking Best Practices

Cucumber - Produce

For best tasting homegrown zucchini wait until it’s 6-8 inches long, dark green & firm. Pick by grabbing the zucchini at fattest part and gently twisting it off the vine.

Plant for Fragrance

Flower - English lavender

For a sweet smelling garden, plant Rosemary, Sweet William, Lavender, Violas, Peonies.

Reuse Fish Bowl/Tank Water

Goldfish - Aquarium

Got fish? Save the water each time you change the bowl or tank and use that water to water your houseplants. It’s full of nutrients.

Clever Seed Pots!

Leaf - Eggshell

Hollowed out lemon and orange peels, halved empty egg shells, and ice cream cones work well as seed starters. Simply put soil in the peels, egg shells, and cones (flat bottoms work well) and plant your seeds in them. When ready, plant the whole thing, “pot” and all!

Kill weeds naturally

Stock photography - stock.xchng

To keep weeds from growing through cracks in your patio, deck, or driveway, pour salt in the cracks. Salt dehydrates the weeds. It’s an inexpensive and Earth-friendly way to kill them on a small scale without harsh chemicals!

Make Your Own Beer Slug Trap!

Deter slugs from your garden naturally with this easy hack: Simply bury a small glass or plastic container halfway in the soil and add a cup of beer. Slugs fall in and don’t come out!

Organize Your Garden Tools!

Spiced tea - Tea

Repurpose an old/vintage mailbox to store your garden tools in the garden. It’s an attractive way to keep them handy while you work!

Chipped Mug?

Barbecue Sauce - Apple Cider Vinegar

Make colorful garden planters out of gently chipped mugs or cups.

Preserving Floors Under Clay Pots

Deck - Wood

Plants with clay pots should not stand on floors easily damaged by water. Clay absorbs moisture and can ruin the area it touches. Be sure to use a pan or tray underneath.

Homemade Insecticide

Burning the Candle - Gift

Instead of using insecticides, try planting marigolds, basil, savory, horseradish, mint, onions, garlic, and chives near your garden. These plants’ natural root secretions repel some insects.

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