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Easy DIY Deer Repellent Recipe

White-tailed deer - Fudge

Deer are beautiful animals but they can destroy your garden in no time. Try this natural DIY deer repellent: Combine 3 tablespoons hot sauce, 3 raw eggs, and 3 tablespoons minced garlic and blend in a blender. Add this mixture to 1 gallon of water in a spray bottle and use it to spray your

Grow Flowers Indoors!

Want to grow flowers indoors? Try flowering bulbs of hyacinths, crocuses, or narcissi.

Help Your Tomatoes Ripen

Cherry Tomatoes - Vegetable

Many vegetables and fruits take longer to ripen in September. To help tomato plants put their strength into ripening their fruit, remove at least six inches of foliage on each plant’s stem.

Repel Flies Naturally

Basil - Lemon basil

Grow basil in pots and flowerbeds near your doorways and windows — it’s a natural way to repel flies and mosquitos and keep them from entering your home.

Conserve Water

Teaspoon - Ranch Dressing

To conserve water, use a broom or rake to clean away leaves and debris from your driveway and patio rather than a hose. Using a hose can waste as much as 150 gallons of water. You’ll get the added benefit of getting some exercise as well!

Plant Mint In Containers

Leaf - Plant stem

No herb garden is complete without fragrant, medicinal mint, but it can be invasive. Prevent it from overrunning your garden by planting it in barrels or other decorative containers.

Recycle Cooking Water For Plants

Redneck - Word

After you boil eggs, potatoes, or other vegetables, don’t pour the water down the drain! Save the cooking water (be sure it’s salt free), let it cool, and use it to water your garden plants to give them an extra dose of nutrients.

Sponge To The Rescue!

Diaper - Infant

Make a shovel or rake more comfortable by wrapping a clean, dry kitchen sponge around the handle and securing with a rubber band.

How To Predict Winter Weather With Persimmon Seeds

Seed - Persimmon

Remove the seeds from a locally grown persimmon and soak them in hot water for about an hour to soften. Gently pry apart the seed’s outer shell (you can use your teeth or a sharp blade —just be careful!) to reveal the shape inside. According to folklore, the majority of the shapes you see determine the

Drying Fresh Herbs

Image - Photography

To dry fresh herbs for use later, simply hang them upside down to dry, then bottle them in glass jars. Works well for thyme, parsley and oregano.

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